Are you going to leave treatment and try to “handle it” at home — even though you might not have a solid support system in place?

Are you losing your family and friends because of alcohol and/or drugs?

Are you a creative person who has lost contact with your muse?

Are you an actor, production designer, director, or musician with a busy production schedule who must keep it together?

Are you a parent or caregiver who cannot handle the responsibilities you have without getting loaded?

Are you an executive preparing for the big meeting who doesn’t want to risk losing his job?

Are you a doctor, lawyer, therapist, or other health professional who feels that he cannot go to his peers for help?

Are you an everyday person who needs to stay abstinent for an upcoming court appearance in order to avoid jail?

Are you anyone with an alcohol or drug problem who wants a full-time sober coach to get and stay sober?

If any of the above apply in your situation, you really can benefit from the hands-on assistance of a professional Sober Coach from Sober Champion. You can contact us today. We will answer emails, pick up the phone, and create a plan for your success without drugs and/or alcohol.

If you have been through treatment, you have made an investment in yourself. If, like most of us, you have been through treatment more than once, then you have made a MAJOR investment in yourself and it is time to honor that investment, care for it, and watch it grow.

If your substance abuse problems have kept you from creating, evolving, earning, and living life to the fullest, then you owe it to yourself to get as much help as you need to take care of business.

  • Call today and speak with a representative from Sober Champion.
  • We help you stay away from drinking and drugs. Period.
  • We are not in the business of judging your character.
  • We help you achieve your goals free from drugs and alcohol.