The Sober Coach (often called Recovery Coach) incorporates and refines some dimensions of existing roles (e.g., outreach worker, case manager) and is positioned between two other recovery support roles: the 12-Step sponsor and the addiction counselor.

Here are some basic elements of the Sober Coach or Recovery Coach:

  • Motivator and cheerleader (where the Coach exhibits bold faith in individual/family capacity for change; encourages and celebrates achievement),\
  • Ally and confidant (the Coach genuinely cares, listens, and can be trusted with confidences),
  • Truth-teller (the Coach provides a consistent source of honest feedback regarding self-destructive patterns of thinking, feeling and acting),
  • Role model and mentor (The Coach offers his/her life as living proof of the transformative power of recovery; provides stage-appropriate recovery education and advice),
  • Problem solver (the Coach identifies and helps resolve personal and environmental obstacles to recovery),
  • Resource broker (The Coach links individuals/families to formal and indigenous sources of sober housing, recovery-conducive employment, health and social services, and recovery support),
  • Advocate (The Coach helps individuals and families navigate the service system assuring service access, service responsiveness and protection of rights),
  • Community organizer (The Coach helps develop and expand available recovery support resources),
  • Lifestyle consultant (The Coach assists individuals/families to develop sobriety-based rituals of daily living)
  • A friend (The Coach provides companionship).

The following functions are not fulfilled by the Sober Coach or Recovery Coach:

  • Psychiatrst (The Coach does not diagnose, probe undisclosed “issues”; does not refer to their support activities as “counseling” or “therapy”)
  • Sponsor (The Coach does not perform any 12-Step service work on “paid time”)
  • Nurse/physician (The Coach does not make medical diagnoses or offer medical advice)
  • Priest/clergy (The Coach does not respond to questions of religious doctrine nor proselytize a particular religion/church)

The roles of Sober Coach and Sober Companion are constantly growing and gaining strength & acceptance. This role once was viewed as one more accessory for those who wanted another trinket on their treatment bracelet.
Those days are gone. The resounding success of our methods have led treatment professionals and their clients nationwide to understand and accept the value of additional help when needed.