Five Tips for Greater Health and Happiness

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Mental and emotional health is closely tied to lifestyle choices that influence how you cope with stress. No matter how overwhelmed you are by stress, anxiety, depression, or other mental or emotional challenges, you can begin making choices that will help you feel better.

The five tips on this page connect to a variety of resources that can help you feel better and get the most out of life.

1. Focus on keeping stress in check


Managing stress is the key ingredient to improving mental health. Ignore stress and your body and mind will pay the price. For the best ways to cope with the hassles and frustrations of daily life, visit the topic pages on stress and anxiety. If you feel overwhelmed by stress and painful emotions, our free emotional intelligence toolkit can teach you the skills you need to cope.

2. Keep your body fit and mind sharp

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Exercise and movement can help you keep stress in check and promote better mental and physical health. Just as you can exercise your body, there are also plenty of ways to exercise your brain and stay mentally sharp. By reviewing Recovery Help’s articles under the topics of exercise and fitness and memory you will find the information that best suits your needs.

3. Eat to look and feel your best

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Food choices can strongly affect how you feel. A balanced diet can nourish your mind and help you feel energetic and confident. Take a look at the articles under the topics of healthy eating and diet and weight loss for ways to improve your diet and develop a healthier, more satisfying relationship with food.

4. Make face-to-face relationships a priority

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There’s a strong link between meaningful relationships and mental wellbeing. Spending time with friends and loved ones can help you manage stress, avoid isolation, and improve all aspects of your emotional health. The human brain responds differently to a real-life face than it does to a screen, so consult the relationships articles for tips on developing closer face-to-face relationships.

5. Focus on your emotional wellbeing

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Staying emotionally healthy is about more than avoiding illness. Taking care of your emotional wellbeing will help you handle life’s challenges, bounce back from adversity, and lead a productive, fulfilling life. Recovery Help’s emotional health articles can show you how.

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